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Midweek Wayfarers

A Yorkshire walking group

We are a mid-week walking club in Yorkshire for folk who enjoy walking, socialising and, above all, having fun.

Our club is for everyone (over 16), however being mid-week it tends to attract people who have flexible working patterns as well as retired (especially recently retired) folk. We welcome people of any age (over 16) or background to join our friendly and welcoming midweek walking groups. Once a member you can walk with any of the 6 groups Monday to Thursday.

Formed in 1979 we now have over 120 members and have 6 different groups that walk every day (Monday to Thursday) for between 3 to 10 miles. When you join us you will be made very welcome.

To join is free however if you want to walk with us, we ask for a £1 donation per walk towards our admin costs or you can pay £10 (£18 per couple)  for a year’s membership for hundreds of walks.

Walk to have fun

Walk to make friends